We carry out the interval maintenance and checks on your aircraft competently, reliably and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. We can also repair minor or major damage to the airframe or faults in the avionics. We work as a highly motivated team to ensure that your aircraft not only remains airworthy, but is also in excellent condition. Just get in touch with us. You are also welcome to visit us in person at Aerodrom Ineu.


If your aircraft is damaged, we can take care of the repair. Using modern tools and analysis equipment, we will carry out the repair professionally and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. With our own in-house inspector, you save time and travel. We provice an all-round service which also includes aircraft recovery throughout Europe. If your aircraft is involved e.g. in an accident, we will carry out the recovery, return transportation and repair. We will do everything we can to locate the fault and ensure that you are satisfied!


Is your aircraft a little dusty from sunlight and other environmental influences and is the paint dull? No problem for us! We offer you a complete refurbishment of your aircraft. After thorough cleaning, we will polish the airframe and seal it with high-quality, long-lasting waxes. This will give your aircraft a fresh new shine. For your interior we are able to offer you new upholstery and covers for your aircraft. Of course, we can also carry out repairs and paint jobs on the airframe. Just get in touch with us!


Are your aircraft or components of it running out of service life?
No problem, we will take care of the technical requirements so that your aircraft can fly for a long time. We are carrying out the work for and around the overhaul with selected partner services.